One of 18 Road's ripping ridgeline trails!


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Joe’s Ridge is, arguably, one of the most iconic trails in the world-renowned 18 Road Trail System! After climbing the primary ascent on Prime Cut, traverse across Frontside to reach the descent down Joe’s Ridge. Joe’s Ridge begins by descending on a flowing singletrack down a mellow grade with a few rocks and jumps to keep things entertaining.

But once the trail breaks out of the trees, the fun factor gets cranked up to 11! Suddenly the trail steepens dramatically, dropping straight down the knife-edge ridges that made mountain biking at 18 Road so popular in the first place.

Down one ridge, up another, and down the next—the trail flows ever downward, with a variety of ripping descents followed by punchy climbs.

On top of many of the drop-ins, advanced riders have the option to air off of rocks or jumps, catching big air into the steep descent down the next hill.

However, these jumps are generally blind, which can have serious consequences if you hit them too fast and huck too deep! The ridges are over all too quickly, but the lower section of this descent, known as MoJoe, keeps the flow rolling with a series of delightful jumps.

From kickers to tables to doubles, and even some bermed turns, you’ll find tons of opportunities to whoop and holler as you fly through the air! Some riders even prefer the jumps on MoJoe to the iconic ridges higher up and choose to lap this lower section, thanks to the dirt road that bisects the descent.