-Hidden drops and hits









- The "Sugar Pine Glade" is another area where it's best skied with fresh snow.

The best area to drop in for "Sugar Pine Glade" is off of "Upper Martis" trail.

Once you get too far on "Upper Martis" it may be roped off in areas.

As you drop in there will be tight trees, small drops, boulder and downed trees covered in snow.

As you ski down you will notice many large boulders that are covered in snow and are great for jumping and dropping off of.

Make sure you scope out the landings before you do so but they are great natural features to enjoy.

As you get to the bottom of the glade, you will come across a snow cat track.

If you stay skiers right you can get onto "Martis.

If you stay left you can catch "Stampede" and further will be "Prosser" If you stay straight and enter the trees again you will enter the lower section of "Sugar Pine Glade".

This area is similar terrain that is not for beginners.

As you exit the bottom of the glade you will be fed straight back to the bottom of the "Martis Camp Express" lift and can ride back up to enjoy some more!