-Secluded High Speed Run









-"Stampede" is another wide and high speed black diamond at Northstar.

To access "Stampede" you must take "Martis Camp Express" and go right at the top of the lift.

From here you will come to an area with picnic tables set up which is great for a quick break or some picture with amazing views of Truckee and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.

You will need to go toward "Prosser" to access but the top of the trail will be clearly marked.

As you drop in you will see that the trial is wide and great for high speeds.

The trail stays at a straight away until you reach the middle of the "Martis Camp" lift and you reach a large snow cat track.

Be careful when you reach the cat tracks as they are leveled out areas within the mountain and can cause you to get air if you ski over them too quickly.

Once you reach this area you can choose to stay straight and continue on "Stampede" or you can take a left and connect with "Prosser".

As you stay on "Stampede" you will be directly under the "Martis Camp Express" lift again and will come across trees that are in the middle of the lift.It's fun to carve in between these trees and use as natural obstacles.

After the trees you will find yourself at the bottom of the "Martis Camp Express" that can take you up and do it all over again!