A cat track road off of KT-22 mid area.


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Easy Street is marked as easiest on the trail map, but it's the easiest off of the KT-22, Olympic Lady, Red Dog zone, which is an expert paradise.

Don't take beginners on this trail.

It's narrow and if you go off the edge you are in steep terrain.

Ok for strong novices or low athletic intermediates without a fear of heights.

You need to be able to turn both directions well and have a good stop.

Also, when busy there will be many advanced and expert skiers passing you.

If you are tired after skiing a KT-22 area black diamond run, it's an easier way off the mountain.

Access is off of the top of Exhibition chair.

Turn left and follow the obvious cat track, turn left when you get near the Olympic lady chair, stay on the road to the skiers left of Olympic Lady base and continue out past Julia's gold on under KT-22 chair in a traverse.

Easy street ends on the Home Run, which is usually a busy run coming from the upper mountain and is a more difficult run.

You can also access Easy street from Champs Elysees off of Red Dog and use it as an easier way down versus finishing on the more difficult / advanced Red Dog Face.