A great ridgeline with excellent visibility even on storm days









After traversing off the Stoke Chair towards Sweet Spot or Unlimited Assets, the broad ridge that separates North Bowl from Separate Reality is called Vertigo.

Once at the rope fence marking the North Bowl edge, continue down and trend left.

Soon a another rope fence, with arrows pointing left, emerges.

Trending left along this fence provides the easiest finish to the ridge, ending up in a mogul field and then some glades just above the Downtowner.

Dropping off hard left, or sooner than the end of the ridge, is steeper terrain known as the Hair Bands, and is generally not recommended.

If you go right at the "arrow line", and stay between it and the North Bowl fence line that turns into the No Panic permanent avalanche closure fence, you get to a steep zone to get off the ridge.

Thankfully the Patrol have used snow fences to build a sort of downhill switchback that works well enough for most skiers and riders, but seems a bit unpleasant after the excellent and moderate ridge.

Better to trend left early.