5000' / 1700m of sustained, mogul-filled leg-testing from Stoke top to the base of the mountain


Analysing terrain data








Devil's Club is accessed from the Stoke Chair, by heading towards the south boundary and taking Greenhorn until it makes a right turn, and Devil's Club is the first marked opening to the left.

The first half of the run is steep and always filled with moguls.

There are several road crossings - approach these with caution as the transitions are severe.

Even after crossing the Ninja Traverse, the run is relentless, but Fast Fred's provides an easy out to the left.

Lower down, where Fast Fred's spills onto the run, the pitch is more moderate and usually groomed.

Finally, after it briefly merges with Sunshine, the lowest portion of the run leads to the very base of the mountain, the most sustained run on the mountain with over 5000' / 1700m of vertical relief.

Beware that this last, lowest section often has thin snow cover, usually early season and late, and the branches and stumps are often visible from Sunshine as it traverses towards Revelation Lodge.