Long moderate pitched groomer









Thunder Road is a favorite of many skiers.

It starts with Upper Thunder Road from the Pierre's Road and follows the shoulder to the South of the Pierre's Knob chair.

Upper Thunder Road, although not always groomed is a nice steeper pitch that is wide enough to arc turns and or practice tighter steep turns.

It then mellows out and gets super wide with spaced out tree islands around the split with Bitterroot.

Thunder Road then bends skier's left and gets moderately steep for a while before meeting the Pierre's chair and Emil's Mile.

It's relatively flat from there back to the base of Pierre's.

It has corn snow later in the year, especially on the upper 2/3.

The wind blows across Thunder Road some days, creating a wind drift on Upper Thunder Road.

Upper Thunder can have moguls early in the season if the snow is too thin to groom.

A great run for everybody comfortable with Blue runs.