From Furtschellas via Lej Sgrischus to Val Fex.


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From the top station of the Furtschellas, follow the watercourse up the mountain, until after about half an hour the trail branches off to the right.

You enter the valley via a well-maintained hiking trail across a kind of terrace high above the Fex valley, with a beautiful view of snow-capped peaks beyond.

After a short ascent, you reach the Lej Sgrischus - which despite its name is anything but "gruesome".

The lake is a great place to relax and if you are lucky, you may spot chamois on the scree slopes.

From the lake, you can either climb up to Piz Chüern (2,689m/8,822ft) and then descend on a steep path directly into the Val Fex, or walk gradually down through splendid flowering meadows to the valley floor.

From the Hotel Fex, you can take a horse-drawn carriage back to Sils, or walk out of the valley and through the gorge to Sils Maria. Option A: Instead of taking the gondola, you can hike up to the Furtschellas top station in around 1 1/2 hours. *¶ So lake ¶ Engadin St.

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