The Hofad hike offers plenty of untouched nature and even more views. After the steep ascent we recommend a swim in the Hundsbach and a souvenir photo high above Engelberg. Past the alp Bödmen the easier descent leads back to the valley.


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The starting point of the Hofad hike is the Engelberg railway station.

Between the houses you go to the Sportingpark and further through an avenue to the Bänklialp bridge.

Here the river Engelberger Aa is crossed.

Along the left bank of the river you follow the Professorenweg for about one hour (½) until the gravel road narrows and begins to climb.

Below the path you can watch the golfers hole up before the path turns right into the forest.

It's getting really steep from here.

In between, kicks help you to master the steepest parts.

Thanks to the shade of the trees it doesn't make you sweat after the first steps.

But let us be clear, the ascent is certainly worth it.

Suddenly the forest thins out and you stand on a high plateau.

The breathtaking view of the village and the surrounding mountains makes you forget the strains of the last 45 minutes.

This place, with the Titlis north face in the back, is recommended for the picnic.

Already there you can hear the next highlight of the tour.

Small tubs are formed in the course of the Hundsbach stream, which invite you to take a bath with their crystal-clear water.

But beware, the creek is fed by the glacier.

We continue to the alp Bödmen, where with a little luck you can meet llamas.

The descent towards Herrenrüti begins here and leads along the hiking trail to the Fürenalp valley station.

From here you have the possibility to take the free summer bus back to the starting point Engelberg railway station, or you can hike back to the village via the golf course and the professors' path. equipment