Discover the natural and historical wonders of Groß Glienicke by foot.


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Groß Glienicke is a small village west of Berlin which had the Berlin Wall built right through its centre during the Cold War.

In the early 20th century, many wealthy Berliners bought summer houses along the lake's banks, attracted by the beauty and the tranquility of the lake and surrounding forest.

The fascinating stories of the families who lived in Groß Glienicke during all of the different chapters of the village's history are told in [Alexander Haus] ( and the accompanying book `The House by the Lake` by Thomas Harding.

The museum is situated on the lakeside in the original summer house building and makes for a great stop along this pleasant circular loop.

Beginning at the Uferpromenade, head straight down in the direction of the lake, following the road around to the left.

The footpath overpasses the end of the lakeshore, taking you around a bigger loop through fields, forest, and cutting through a residential area along Krampnitzer Weg.

You then jump onto the Seepromenade now on the western banks of the lake.

Pass through Friedrich-Günther-Park and then head back down to the bank of the lake, passing by Gutspark Groß Glienicke on your left before coming back to your starting point.