A great Double Black Diamond area to explore









Tower 12 is a blast.

There is a "run" that you can follow, but here we will be describing the area, as it has many options.

To get to the Larch area and Tower 12 you will need to get to the very back of the resort via either the Grizzly Gondola, The Top of the World Express or the Summit Platter.

All Back Bowl runs will lead you down a Cat Track named Pika that will lead to Larch.

Take the Larch Chair as you ascend the impressive Lipalian Mountain.

You will end up about midway up the mountain and have option to access hike and access the extreme terrain above. Follow the towers below to approximately Tower 12.

The nice thing about this area is that it is open with options.

You can duck in early or late and still find good powder.

In fact it is recommended.

Get to know this area.

There is no wrong way, but there are unmarked cliffs, so stay sharp.

Take a break once you get into the area, which opens up into small trees and an open face.

From this vantage point you can look across the Bow Valley and take in the Lake Louise Proper area (where the actual lake is).

Straight ahead on the left is Mt Temple, one of the Canadian Rockies 11,000 ft peaks clocking in at 11,627 ft and was the first of the 11's to be climbed in the Canadian Rockies in 1844.

To the right of Temple you have Fairview Mountian (9003 ft).

Slay this Double Black area that offers great Pow almost all the time.

It tends to get ignored.

You can keep right to end up at the Lookout Chutes but all road lead back to Lookout and the Larch Express.