A fun tree run with a variety of terrain to play on. You will want to do it again as soon as you have finished!









FATMAP difficulty grade



Half way down the open section of Weisse Perle there is a right turn to access this line.

The slope is flat and open at the top, and you work your way down and to the right.

Once out of sight of the piste, the slope steepens and drops away towards a wide gully.

Look back up and you have a great view of the Matterhorn.

The gully then drops to the left and narrows.

There is long gully, with a ridge above to the right, which eventually opens out onto another ridge and short flat section, before dropping away again.

When you reach a more open section, be aware of the stream in the middle.

At the end of this there is a bumpy, steep-ish track to the right, which takes you onto another steeper pitch.

At the end of this steeper pitch there is another track to the right which is the last open section, before hitting the track at the end of the Weisse Perle.

Stick to the sides of this run for some softer snow, or the middle if you are looking for some hardcore bumps!