Steepest glades on the Frontside, extra tricky at times









Critical Path Glades start directly below the Stoke Chair bottom.

Avalanche closure gates along the rope line directly below allow access to these difficult glades - THEY ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY, are long and committing, and are totally different than Critical Path, the blue groomed run.

Recently improved glading (2015) will improve sight lines, but after the initial invitingly moderate 200' / 50m it gets steep - quick.

There are numerous small cliffs and logs to be negotiated.

The far left and far right of the glades offer somewhat easier lines, but once you're in this run it is a long pitch of technical skiing until it finally crosses The Last Spike.

if you still have some juice left in your legs, you can cross the Spike and ski one more, somewhat gentler and shorter pitch to The Last Spike road.

In good conditions in a deep year, this run offers outstanding steep glade skiing and riding.

Due to the run's aspect,be wary of icy or firm conditions as slips on hard snow especially in spring can be very serious here.