The gnarliest lift line on the mountain, right under the Gondola for all to see - always a tough way to finish the day.









Kill The Banker is a Revelstoke test-piece, the steep, mogul and cliff-filled sufferfest that is the Revelation Gondola lift-line.

Start below the Mackenzie Outpost coffee shop, through the avalanche closure rope fence (when open, which almost always is).

The first short pitch pushes you left.

Watch for rope fences and "Cliff" discs throughout the run - the steep portions are very different early and late season, and descending in control at all times is key.

Keep your eye on the numbers at the top of the gondola towers - below Tower #18 the real fun begins.

At this point you can still duck right to Conifers of Gnarnia, but once you go over the roll you are more or less committed to a long, steep and rather public section.

The more left of the lift line, the steeper the line is, whereas to the right the steepness is lessened and the run drifts off the fall -line towards a tree island.

Once level with this the more moderate section ensues.

Moguls and gullies on lower angled terrain lead to the The Last Spike, which can be crossed for a last bit of challenging fun.

All in all over 2000' / 600m of technical skiing with an audience.