40 acres of sometimes dense forest, with pockets of powder for weeks after a storm


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The Back 40 Glades are a hug zone, literally 40 acres, located between Baxter's Creek and Chopper in the Ripper Zone.

The Back 40 is a Jekyll & Hyde type of place - sometimes it's the best skiing of the day and others it feels like a forested maze of flat pockets of dense trees.

Usually accessed by traversing right into the trees off of Chopper.

To get the most out of this run, some effort needs to be made to trudge along the flat, older section of Chopper about halfway down to get to the best parts of the Back 40.

This zone often requires multiple laps to get the fall line right, and even then there may be periods of slogging on flatter bits.

This forest has not seen much glading yet either, so the lines can be tight.

You can go through here 20 times and not find the same line.

Cliffs dot the landscape too, so beware of the small orange cliff discs usually just visible above the biggest hazards.

While one can feel lost in its vastness, all lines lead to the Big Woody and the Ripper Chair.

A great place to hunt for good snow during dry spells, it has a real feeling of isolation within the ski resort.