Saalbach descent with great choice of lines









FATMAP difficulty grade



The run initially goes through very steep and boulder-strewn terrain, before moving somewhat flatter in sparse forest.

Depending on the route selection, there are some very interesting lines to ride.

Due to the the width of the navigable slopes, there is plenty of opportunity to find free space for fresh tracks.

In the lower part, you should rather keep left of the Schwarzache river onto a wooden bridge.

After exiting the "Hochalm 6er" lift to the right and the blue ski slope no.

25, go left and upwards to a small saddle.

The piste here goes through a hard right turn (about 1870m).

Here you go straight in an E direction towards the summit (about 1921m) and from there to the left to the highest point of the Hochalmspitze.

From the summit, follow a shallow depression in a NW direction for about 100m to the start of steep northern slopes.

Here, pay particular attention to cornices and rocks! By slightly steeper, rock-strewn terrain, it goes down until you reach a shallow bowl at about 1800m.

Here, always stay right of the trench, which starts at about 1800m.

After the sparse mountain forest, the meadows narrow slightly (at about 1650m).

You then reach the great slopes of "Oberfoidlingalm".

A forest road crosses this meadow again.

There is the hut, which is almost completely hidden on the right (E) of the meadow at 1440m.

Keep to the left (W) edge of the meadow, because then you can easily switch onto a forest road to the left side of the above-mentioned trench (about 1275m) to continue and exit at another clearing.

In this clearing, stay in a W direction to continue along the forest road and once more head over a wooden bridge to cross the river Schwarzache.

Follow this road on the N side further down the valley to the E, where you reach the marked variations F34 or F35 and F13.

On this you will reach the usually prepared very flat way with short ups and downs back to the station.