The wide open intermediate bowl in the Paradise area you see on the left as you near the top of Paradise Express that accesses the North Face Lift.









Paradise Bowl is the gem of the Paradise area.

It's intermediate terrain rolls over into a wide bowl, giving you options to get on the North Face Lift, or continue down to access the Yellow Brick Road, Canaan, Lower Forest Queen, Lower Ruby Chief, or Fallaway/Lower Treasury and the East River Express.

You access this trail by taking a left off of the Paradise Express, or descending the Silver Queen Road from Silver Queen Express.

The High Lift terrain like Headwall, Big Chute, and Paradise Cliffs all end into Paradise Bowl.

As you descend the rolling terrain of the top section, you can ski next to the tree island on your left for a small-mini bowl feature and some tree skiing.

There are moguls and sometimes powder if you stay on the left side of the trail closer to the lift line.

You can stay right on the trail to access the North Face Lift, as the trail passes that you'll roll over a steeper section towards the Paradise Express lift towers.

Here you'll have the option to continue down the pitch onto Canaan where the trails merge with Forest Queen towards the Paradise Express or you can stay on a cat track to lower Ruby Chief and the Breakfast trail or head on to Treasury/Fallaway towards the East River Express.


The easiest route back the base area from here is the Yellow Brick road that crosses Forest Queen and Ruby Chief towards the Silver Queen/Front Side Area or Red Lady Express area.