Hike from Bidermatten through the larch forest to the hamlet of Sengg and on to Saas-Fee.


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The trail starts in the beautiful village part "Bidermatten", which despite its proximity to Saas-Grund "Tamatten" belongs to the municipality of Saas-Balen.

The old houses and narrow alleys in Bidermatten are still mostly inhabited today and give an idea of what life "Anno dazumal" (in former times) looked like. From the main road, the path runs through the old part of the village called "Bidermatten" and crosses its pastures.

Shortly after the bridge at Tamatten, the path climbs up into the forest and heads directly towards the Sengg.

After the forest you cross a sheep enclosure and the Biderwald corridor road.

From the Sengg you have a wonderful view of the 4'000m peaks above the Kreuzboden area. The path continues through the hamlet and past the fountain towards the south.

You will pass the "Uf der Flüe", the famous Waldhotel Fletschhorn for its cuisine and its garden terrace with a unique view of Saas-Almagell. On the almost flat path from the Waldhotel Fletschhorn you will soon reach the edge of Saas-Fee, the Wildi. equipment * Good footwear * outdoor clothing * Weather dependent clothing: always carry a waterproof jacket with you. * Headgear * Sun protection * Water bottle * provision/food * Binoculars (optional) * Camera * Hiking poles (optional) * Map/ printout of the trail (click on "Print" to download) * First aid kit