A steep ski line in Lone Lake Cirque









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The third Cornrows is a rocky chute located between Cornrows 2 and 4.

To find the entrance to this line, you need superb route finding skills, familiarity with the Lone Lake Cirque, a keen awareness of the avalanche forecast, and hopefully a friend that is familiar with this zone.

After you pass the entrance to Cornrows 2, go past the next rocky ridge to a braided entrance into Cornrows 3.

The entrance to Cornrows 3 is usually pretty straightforward, but don't be surprised if you have to side step on loose rocks to access the line.

Cornrows 3 is usually quite wide, but it depends on snow conditions and there are several rocky entrances into the main line.

The line narrows slightly above a rock band just above the apron.

This rock band can be quite large early in the season or during a low snow year.

Skiing the line is committing and it should not be taken lightly.

Ski it one at a time and don't stop until you reach a safe zone about 2000 feet below you in the cirque.

Once your entire party is safely at the lake at the bottom of the cirque, continue to ski to the skier's right side of the cirque where you will find or will need to set a boot pack that will take you back to the Forest Service Wall above the runout of the North Summit Snowfield.

From here you can ski down the ridge and back into the ski area, but beware you still must navigate through one more avalanche prone slope before you are back in bounds.