A sunny and scenic tour of some beautiful and unique old buildings.


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Although this tour takes riders through some wonderful scenery, the highlights of it are arguably the buildings you pass en route.

If you ride this route you'll see some picturesque farms on the Stans plateau, a famous old mountain chalet and the frankly ridiculous Wallfahrtsort St.

Georgenberg - a holy place with a history dating back over 1000 (yes, 4 zeros) years.

The ride is partly on roads and partly on jeep tracks. Park up at the sports centre in Stans village and then ride north to reach the start of the long climb through trees up to the Stans plateau.

This climb is all on a road and feels pretty tough with the sun beating down but keep going - there's a good reward at the top! Upon emerging out of the trees you'll find yourself on the gorgeous Stans plateau.

Keep following the road as it winds over the plateau and takes you past some absolutely picturesque farms, perched high above the Inn valley.

The final farm you reach just before beginning the descent towards the Wallfahrtsort St.

Georgenberg is particularly stunning - it's the one shown in the photo above. From that final farm, descend steeply down to where you'll catch your first glimpse of the Wallfahrtsort St.


It really is an extraordinary sight, with the building silhouetted against the Karwendel mountains.

Head down to a junction and then hang a right and ride up to the building.

It really defies description so simply explore and soak it in! Once you're done exploring and soaking, make a long descent and then begin climbing again up towards Bärenrest - a stunning area at the edge of the Karwendel National park.

Admire the quaint old chalet at Bärenrest and peer into the distant Stallental valley (which lies to the west and could be ridden in to if you have some energy left).

Finish the day by making the long descent down to the valley floor and then ride easily back to the car.

If you don't have a car, this ride could easily be done as a return trip from Stans train station.