Classic and Iconic Whistler Run


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Franz's is one of the most well known runs at Whistler and was used partly for women's downhill events during the 2010 Olympics.

It is remarkably unique compared to other trails - no matter the conditions, this run largely stays the same in terms of conditions.

Starting from the base of Franz's Chair, it goes through a few narrow sections, which are almost always crowded, no matter the day or condition.

Due to it's high traffic, this run is usually very icy with moguls in the narrow sections.

Even if it has snowed, do not be surprised to find icy crust underneath fresh snow.

The conditions here are chronically icy, busy and you can will usually encounter moguls in the steeper, more narrow top pitch.

This trail connects with Highway 86 leading to Midstation, or can continue below to the base as Lower Franz's.