A 14km/10 mile 'back-country' groomed blue running through the spectacular national park.









The Cascades piste is the longest blue run in Europe and the second longest piste in France.

Attention: Full Area Pass required! Start at the top of Les Grandes Platieres in Flaine, at 2480 metres, where it is necessary to schuss along the Serpentine until reaching the right hand fork to the Cascades.

Alternatively schuss from the top of the Desert Blanc chairlift.

If you can be brave and schuss from as early as possible the gradient is, initially, only an overall 6 metre drop for about the first 750 metres, so despite the bravery of the schuss there will be some poling.

There are some further flat sections where boarders will have to walk (and cutting the corners off piste is possible to avoid this, but not recommended unless you are with someone who knows the run).

From the initial flat start this piste, with no ski lift in sight, for 7 km when the blue Pépinière joins in from the left.

Here you will find a random post with an intercom which, if used, could result in a skidoo ride/tow up to the Lac de Gers restaurant! As you continue, the piste is pretty narrow in places as it hugs the cliff (look out for the 'no stopping' signs) and eventually the piste zigzags as a narrow track down the waterfall area of the mountain.

With good snow cannon coverage this piste is generally in good nick, but can become bevelled on the corners.

Underneath it is stoney scree which can come through in April.

Finally opening out into a gentle meadow arrival at the bus stop back to Samoëns and Morillon lifts, is denoted by the welcome presence of a snack-shack selling well-earned beers and paninis.

You will have descended a 1,800-metre vertical and the opportunity to view spectacular scenery along the way.