The steepest cut trail in North America tops out around 50 degrees and is not for the faint of heart!









Rambo has brought a little fame to Crested Butte because it is known as the steepest cut trail in North America.

Back when the resort was toying with an idea for a North Face Lift from Paradise, they cut a trail in the woods that became Rambo.

It is steep! Something around 50 degrees.

Falling is not a good idea.

With average snow years there are tons of little trees and rocks poking through the snow so only take Rambo when you're ready! If you are truly an expert skier and there is a foot of fresh snow, it might be one of the best runs of your life.

The snow stays consistent in Rambo due to it's north facing aspect and steepness so it is still good for days after a storm.

You'll find Rambo along the "Easy Out" Exit to Paradise below Powder Rock Glade marked by a double black diamond trail sign for Rambo.

The top section is the toughest with a lot of rocks poking through but it gets easier the further down you go.

Rambo ends on a flat bench that connects you on to Daisy so you can head left to get back to Paradise Express or head right on to Treasury to head down to the East River Express.

But you might want to head back up to the North Face Lift and do Rambo again.