An amazing run from 8300 ft









This run is a local favorite and is rarely visited because of the short hike involved.

To find the Flight Chutes and Upshoots proceed from the Top of the Paradise chair to the track straight ahead.

Lead slightly left and climb the small hill to the top of Saddleback Ridge (8300 ft).

The view from this vantage point is truly incredible and likely you will be alone.

Take a look at the Lake Louise area in front of you with Mountain Temple (11,657 ft) to the left and Mt.

Fairview to the right.

You have a clear view of the Bow Valley East and West.

Descend Upshoots on the natural fall line.

Do not travel too far left into the cliff area.

This is a permanently closed avalanche zone.

If you continue down on your left hand side you will eventually meet up with Steep & Flat.

If you proceed on the right-hand side you will find the Flight Chutes.

The area is pretty open.

You can make choose to explore.

All roads meet at the Top of the World Express.

This area can be windblown and is better in the middle and late-season.