A great black diamond trail with moguls - when it's open.









Vertigo is the most challenging black diamond trail on Skye Peak off the Needle’s Eye Express Quad.

There are several ways to access this location.

The most direct way is to take the Needle’s Eye Express Quad and exit to the left to get on to Panic Button.

You can also get to Vertigo via Launchpad from the Superstar Express Quad or the Skyeship Gondola Stage II to Skye Lark to Launchpad.

If you want to skip the Vertigo Headwall, which is for serious experts, then take Panic Button and stay to skier’s left to the merge with Needle’s Eye and stop.

Take the narrow connecting trail on the left and continue under the lift until you reach the bottom of the Vertigo Headwall before going right on to Vertigo.

This trail is almost always bumped up.

It is steeper at the top, but doesn’t have any extended pitchy areas.

Look out for the catwalks that cross over Vertigo: It is always tricky negotiating those short steep pitches to continue down as they are usually skied off with exposed rocks.

There is occasional snow-making on this trail, which helps to keep it open but it is still closed a lot.

This trail gets varied light.

It's a great black diamond rating when it's open.