The challenging Roberts Point Track leads to one of the most popular vantage points on the Franz-Josef Glacier. Most of the trail is shaded by beautiful Rata and Kamahi forests. After a good 3.5 hours, the hard-working hiker is rewarded with a unique view of the glacier's ridge.


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George J.

Roberts was the surveyor of the English Crown in New Zealand and was chosen as the patron saint of this trail.

The Roberts Point Track is one of the oldest and most popular hiking trails on the Franz-Josef Glacier.

After the survey of the glacier had been completed, the path was laid out as a tribute to scientific achievement and as a foundation stone for today's tourism.

The hiking trail captivates above all with its flora and fauna.

Nature lovers will enjoy the beautiful vegetation of the Rata and Kamahi forests.

But also hobby geologists get their money's worth here.

Numerous faults have to be overcome on the way and in many places the primeval traces of the glacier can be seen.

Other highlights of the tour include Hende's Hut, an old corrugated iron hut built in 1907 by a local blacksmith and Rope Creek Swing Bridge.

This is a spectacular rope bridge over a small gorge.

The end point and absolute highlight of the tour is the Roberts Point.

Here not only a cosy picnic table awaits the exhausted hikers, but above all a breathtaking view of the Franz-Josef Glacier and the surrounding mountains. equipment Think of sturdy shoes.