Summiting one of the most recognizable mountains in the world.









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Kilian Jornet set the fastest known time on this route from the Italian side of Cervino, aka the Matterhorn (as it’s known on the Swiss side).

Kilian completed the ascent via the Arista Lion route, which is divided into three main parts.

The first section is comprised of mountain paths similar to those of any trail running route and is, therefore, the fastest section. In the second section, the route becomes more technical and covered with snow, which meant that Jornet had to rely on his mountaineering skills.

Finally, there's a 1000 meter stretch of level 3-4 climbing difficulty required to reach the summit.

In this part, Kilian used fixed ropes, and his climbing skills became essential.

Jornet enjoyed very favourable weather conditions during this record-setting run: warm temperatures and sunshine even at the summit, which he reached in 1 hour 56 minutes after leaving Cervinia. After a brief stop there, Jornet began his main challenge, the highly technical descent, and finished the full route back in Cervinia in a total time of 2 hours and 52 minutes. Check out the full video and read the blog post here: