A gladed run run through the pine trees that opens up to a steeper pitch that can hold some powder stashes.


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Horseshoe Springs has a marked entrance off the Yellow Brick Road next to Horseshoe.

You can head out towards the Horseshoe nose for a longer glade run onto a steeper open section or drift left at any time to a lower section of the steeper open pitch of Horseshoe Springs.

There is a huge natural cliff jump known as Mineshaft in the open section of Horseshoe Springs.

Make sure you clear to the transition if you are into hitting a jump like this.

You can ski around Mineshaft through fun powder pitches and you'll probably want to ski out to the right along a cat track to access Bubba's Shortcut to wrap around back to the base area or head to Paradise.

You can find a small cliff (approx.

5 ft.) above Mineshaft and some other smaller features along the skier's right toward the Horseshoe Nose.

If you ski to the left be prepared to sidestep out to Roller Coaster/Lower Keystone unless you go way left hugging the ropeline next to Peoria.