A great black diamond trai with challenging and rough terrain.









Needle’s Eye (upper) is a black diamond trail that turns into Needle’s Eye (lower) which is intermediate.

To access this location you can take the Skyeship Stage II Gondola and go right at the top.

Or take the Superstar Express Quad and exit the lift to the left and proceed on to Skye Lark to Great Eastern for a quick turn, and then to the top of Needle’s Eye (upper).

If you are coming from the top of where the Skyeship Gondola unloads then exit to the right and take the short left trail that connects on to Skye Lark.

Once at the top of Needles Eye (upper), proceed down and enjoy all natural snow and bumps.

This is an awesome trail when there is enough snow coverage on it.

The terrain is rough and challenging.

Be careful when crossing over Great Eastern as there's a lot of traffic to skier’s left.

Once you cross over, the trail turns into a blue intermediate trail, with large rocks and moguls to navigate through until you hit the huge wide clearing for the main section of Needle’s Eye (lower).

This trail gets varied light.

A great black diamond trail with challenging and rough terrain.