Narrow chute between cliff walls.









Broadway is a narrow chute to the skier’s right of the Downhill chute.

Find the top of the chute the same way you would for the Downhill chute.

Remember that sideslipping will chew up the chute and make it harder for the next guy or girl! Ease your way in, straight line it out and dump your speed when it opens up.

This chute is more accurately described as double black diamond if full of moguls in which case Broadway is just a steep, narrow, sideslip.

For added spice, ski either Lonnie’s Chute (or Meet your Maker (Easy to find, just look for the crazy narrow chute on your right just past the uphill section on a lefthand turn of the Tensleep Traverse).

The top chute is pretty self-explanatory, narrow a maybe 50 feet long of so.

The ideal way to ski this line is to point it straight and then dump your speed with a big turn uphill after it opens up.