One of the best runs of the resort. Will ski you all the way down to Crans Gondola. Sometimes challenging, level 4 skiers and up.









Designed by Bouby Rombaldi for the Giant Slalom World Championship 1987 From Cry d'Er to Hotel de Chetzeron, down to the right of the Gondola, the first part is a flat Blue run called "the flat of Chetzeron, perfect for beginners...

a lift "assiette lift" will bring you back up the flat to where you started.

From Hotel Chetzeron down to the right, all the way to the Gondola Base, this is a good challenging run with a few steep walls ,especially at the top.

Some parts are black, this run is facing the sun, full south and could be sometime a bit tricky at the end of the day when you will find bigger bumps or melting snow.

Chetzeron is fully équipe with snow making machines from top to bottom.