Easiest line in the Chainsaw Ridge Zone









The Chainsaw Ridge Zone can be spotted from the Rendezvous Lodge and is home to some of Blackcomb's most famously steep lines.

If checking out this famed zone from the chairlift or Rendezvous has you looking to explore up here, Quasar is the easiest line you will be able to find in the zone and the best option as an entry point to other steeper and more challenging lines.

Access the ridge from the top of the 7th Heaven Express or Horstman T-Bar, and from the Horstman Hut you will find marked signage leading you to the goods.

If you're just getting the feel for the area, continue traversing past the Couloir Extreme entrance to the line next door, Quasar.

Enter the bowl at the farthest right gate and you will find your line located on the skier's right of the lateral moraine with the famed Colouir Extreme on the other side.

A perfect warm up line! The entrance here is not nearly as steep as the other chutes and couloirs as the line stays continually right of the Couloir Extreme, shifting skier's right above the lateral moraine.

Once you have conquered this line you will be ready to enjoy the higher quality and more challenging chutes and couloirs in the vicinity!