Chute located skier's right of the Couloir Extreme, left of the lateral moraine









Located on the famous Chainsaw Ridge, Big Bang is similar in nature to the Couloir Extreme, however it lacks the same hype and notoriety.

It is located skier's right of the Couloir Extreme, and is accessed by skiing in right of the entrance to the main chute of the Couloir Extreme.

The ridge is accessed via the 7th Heaven Express or Horstman T-Bar, following signage beginning at the Horstman Hut.

Both runs have similar steep and narrow top sections with large moguls if it has not snowed recently.

Big Bang is just as steep as the Couloir Extreme and follows the same route, however its location off to skier's right means it will have received less traffic and therefore will be less carved out and hard-packed.

This line continues alongside the lateral moraine and funnels into the wide open Jersey Cream Bowl at the bottom.