Narrow, wide and inbetween, with parts that are almost red.









From the top of the Gron lift pole straight on and across over the Molliachets green, looking out for people schussing down from your left.

Into a straight and narrow track through the trees, as the trees stop on the right, an off piste field opens up.

The piste divides with a choice of a red-ish part of this blue run to the right- which is south facing and often mogully, or stay on the straight track, eventually bending back round to your right to gently come back to meet the short cut by the bottom of the L'Airon chairlift.

The piste is now wide and gentle, narrowing slightly and becoming a bit steeper as the Blanchot joins it from the right out of the trees.

There are some great little jumpy and bumpy bits on the right-hand side here.

The Oasis Fun Zone and blue Alpage join here too from the left, and with people slowing down to take the Oasis button it can be a pretty busy area.

At the next lip, just past the Oasis lift, try and continue straight down the slightly narrowing section to avoid those stopping on the lip, and enjoy the piste as it widens and levels out.

Views ahead across the valley to the Pointe Noire and Pointe d'Areu may be worth a look.

Continuing (with bumpy tracks to the left of the snow cannons and through some trees) the final 500m is extremely varied, turning into a red for 200m, narrowing to go through the bridge under the road and then flattening out to circle right and left to the Molliets chairlift.

Keep right just before the bridge to access the renowned Molliets restaurant.