An extremely long and varied red with a 618m vertical drop.









From the top of the Tête des Saix, hang a right off the Chariande Express or Gouilles chairs and take the path down behind the arrival points for the Lanche and l'Airon chairs.

This is a wide, ledge-like part of the run which opens up into a huge area of cross roads for the blue Perce-Neige to Les Carroz and Morillon, and the black Chamois to Samoëns.

Take a hard right before the three 'cricket stumps' to start the twisty turny path that characterises the top of this run.

Steep and grippy, the run widens as it meets the Dahu which crosses its path and creates a good 200-300 metres of extremely wide uniform slope.

This is often schussed at the highest possible point to ensure running skis as it flattens and bends to the left.

There's normally good visibility here for judging the right time to schuss.

The less courageous should keep turning; there won't be much pushing as it is not completely flat.

Gently meandering, with trees to the left (some off-pisters may join in from the left), it then gets steeper, going into a massively wide right-hand bend (keep high and to the left to access two good restaurants).

It's then a home run down to the Chariande Express and other lifts on the small 'plateau/bowl' into which feeds several pistes.