An awesome black diamond trail with a challenging and rough terrain.









Thimble is a black diamond trail that has very rough and variable terrain and is found directly under the gondola into the Needle’s Eye basin.

To access this location, either take the Skyeship Gondola Stage II out of the Needle’s Eye area, or the Skye Peak Express Quad out of Bear Mountain.

If you take the gondola, head to the right after you unload and stay under the gondola and cross over Great Eastern to get on Thimble.

If you take the Skye Peak Express Quad, exit the lift to the right and get on Great Eastern and stay on skier’s right until you get under the gondola.

Then take a right on to Thimble.

This is a REALLY fun area; with huge rollers and rocks, double fall line, exposed rocks and large moguls.

If you can handle all of that, then it is a good one if it is open and has enough coverage.

It does not get snow-making, so it relies on natural snow to be great.

Take Thimble into Needle’s Eye and stay under the gondola for a really long run down to load on to Skyeship Gondola Stage II or the Needle’s Eye Express Quad.

This trail gets varied light.

An awesome black diamond run with challenging and rough terrain.