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The second stage of the Emerald Trail begins between Sils Maria and Sils Baselgia.

The route runs along the shore of Lake Sils and after three-quarters of an hour you reach Isola.

The Isola delta has been designated part of the planned Emerald Network and is an important resting place for migratory birds.

On the outskirts of the hamlet is the Restaurant Lagrev.

The trail continues along the lake shore to Maloja.

In July and August, the Sils-Maloja section can also be completed by boat, on Europe's highest scheduled navigation route.

At the end of the lake, an asphalt road leads to Maloja post office.

The path runs to the left of the post office, close to the studio of the artist, Giovanni Segantini, up to the "Marmitte dei Giganti" (giants' cauldrons) glacier mills and to the Belvedere Tower.

Behind the tower, the route continues along the Sentiero Storico down into the Bregaglia valley.

It is still possible to see tracks left by the ancient Romans, who used this pass in their day.

From the path through the woods and meadows, you can occasionally catch a glimpse of the hairpin bends on the Maloja Pass road, as well as of the Val Bregaglia and Piz Badile.

After about 30 minutes, you will reach the pass road, where there is a bus stop.

The route continues along the main road, past the ruins of the Church of San Gaudenzio, and on to Casaccia.

This village at the foot of the pass road was once an important centre on the major trade routes.

The ruins of an old tower, which once stood guard over the Alpine routes, still rise up behind the village.

There are also traces of a restored Roman road on the Septimer Pass in Casaccia.

From Casaccia, you walk through a beautiful flower-strewn meadow and across the bridge over the River Maira.

Follow the river and in an hour you will reach Roticcio, where a fantastic view of the valley and the village of Vicosoprano await you.

The trail continues through woods and fields, becoming wider and wider until it turns into a proper road, which will quickly lead you to the camp site above Vicosoprano.

The path narrows again as it crosses the bridge to the village, where this hike ends. *¶ So lake ¶ Engadin St.

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