East facing ski route, not always groomed, great view and some moguls









One of the highlights of the Hauser Kaibling mountain.

Take the Gipfelbahn chairlift to the top, take off your skies and walk about 20 meters up to be standing at the top of the mountain and enjoy a great panorama.

You'll see Dachstein when looking north and Höchstein when turning south east.

Standing up there, you might also recognize the great opportunities for backcountry skiing.

Head back down to your skies and if you want to try your first powder turns, just traverse a bit to the right of the slope.

Don't drop in over the windlip, it tends to come down regularly.

Depending on the snow layer, there might be some rocks sticking out.

Don't go too far to the right, as you won't be able to cut back to the slope and there is some avalanche danger at the far right.

Tracks out quite fast, so it's best to hit it in the morning after a fresh snowfall.

The slope itself is groomed most of the time and the upper part is quite steep.

The grooming up there is not as perfect as in the rest of the resort.

You'll need some speed to get back to the top station of Höfi Express 2, either continue down Höfi Abfahrt(3) to your right or go down Ennslingalm Abfahrt(2) to get to the Quattralpina Chairlift.