Amazing steep chutes that open into perfect trees









The Ptarmigan Chutes are a truly amazing area Lake Louise.

Usually a locals only area it doesn't look accessible but if you know how to get into it can offer incredible turns in deep powder.

Head right off the Ptarmigan chair or the Grizzly Express Gondola into the track above the Cliffs.

There are two ways to get into this area, you can either drop off of the cliffs if the snow is good or you can head in just below the other cliffs and traverse into line that you choose.

The farthest chute is 1.

The first portion of the run this is steep open chute, often holding fresh powder.

You will continue to some small trees and then into the forest.

Heading left will bring you back to the bottom of the Ptarmigan chair and the Larch chair.

An incredible run when the conditions are good.