The heart of Hauser Kaibling - loads of variations


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The Weltcup-Abfahrt definitely is the center of Hauser Kaibling.

Under that name a very long slope and some variations and connection slopes are combined.

You can either drop in from the very top via the Quattralpina chairlift or a bit lower via the Kaibling 6er chairlift.

Right at the beginning you pass by Krummholzhütte, the oldest and most traditional hut, already founded in 1908 for the Jubilee of the Emperor of Austria.

Right next to it, there is THE party spot on the mountain: Scharfetter's Schirmbar, a huge textile tent, which get folded in when there is good weather.

The middle part is probably one of the widest slopes in the area, and the T-Bar for the more advanced ski school courses is next to the lower part of the slope.

Because of it's wideness and variations this slope is the perfect training ground for everybody who wants to advance.

However, during busy times in the season, it's easy to lose your pals on that one.