Queenstown's classic mountaineering journey









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The Grand Traverse of the Remarkables is a stunning ridge traverse that can be seen from Queenstown.

Easy access from the ski resort make this a popular and much sought after classic.

You'll need a 60m rope and some wires, cams and slings for moving together and climbing the odd pitch.

It's also possible to make a more direct start by beginning the Grand Traverse from the summit of Telecom Tower. From the car park follow the 4x4 track up to the top of the Shadow Basin Chairlift.

From here head up to just beneath the top of Telecom Tower and traverse beneath the rock band on the Lake Alta side to a saddle where the ridge angles eases off. Negotiate the undulating ridge by a more or less direct route depending on the level of difficulty you're after before the climbing begins to get more sustained.

You predominantly stick to the ridge but as you get higher the route begins to weave first to the right around a rock tower and then to the left leading up to the summit of Double Cone (2,307m). Descend Double Cone passing all difficulties to the left before re-ascending to the saddle between Double and Single Cone.

Follow your nose up the ridge which gradually eases in difficulty to the summit of Single Cone (2,319m). Descend the North East ridge of Single Cone which is technical at first leading to easier scrambling and a descent to Lake Alta.

Follow the footpath the 4x4 track back to the car park.