Varied run to the bottom of the hill









The easier alternative to the more difficult FIS-Talabfahrt.

Perfect for an early morning warmup run on the freshly groomed slopes, as the Hauser Kaiblingbahn already opens at 8.15 am.

Starting from the top station of the Hauser Kaiblingbahn, the wide slope gently moves over some rollers, before you have to keep riders right and it get's a bit steeper.

Take some speed there, as the slope narrows down, flattens out and turns to the left before leading into a steeper section with a great outrun.

Now you are on perfect, not too steep terrain for doing some quick carving turns, the slope is going straight and is wide enough, but not too wide to be confusing, and there are some edges where one can jump (check for a clean landing beforehand).

After the second roller you approach the steepest part of the slope, which tends to be a bit icy, keep riders right for the easiest line.

After you made that bit you can already see the bottom station.

After another roller take a tiny bit of speed again to avoid pushing with your poles for the last meters. One can also start the decent on this slope directly from the bottom station of the Kaibling 6er chairlift and enters directly into the first steep section. If you are a tiny bit late in the morning, avoid going down that slope again, just directly head up the mountain with the Quattralpina Chairlift(runs from 8.30am).

The longest line at the Hauser Kaiblingbahn is between 8.50am and 9.40am.

In the afternoon the conditions usually get rather bumpy and there are many skiers on the slope, if you are tired already consider to take the gondola down.

Fun Apres ski right next to the bottom station.

Ski bus stop and huge parking lot at the bottom station.