Memorial #4 is one of the classic steep lines on the backside of Mount Olympus.


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The #4 Memorial is one of the longer, steeper and tighter lines on the back side of Mount Olympus.

This chute is a rock lined couloir that has some fun features.

It can be part of a great trip to link up several, if not all of the Memorials in a day! It's right next to Memorial #3 and there are places you can cross over between them.

Park at the Neffs Canyon trailhead in Mount Olympus Cove.

From here follow the road up into Neffs Canyon.

At the first junction head to the right up into N Fork of Neff's.

This trail is narrow and winds through the tight trees as it heads to the S.

The area is very brushy and can be a rough go in low snow years, or when conditions are thin, but persevere and you'll find yourself at the base of the Memorial Couloirs for some excellent steep and tight chute skiing. From the top it's pretty straight forward to descend.

Just lock your boots down tight and enjoy the forty degree turns for 1500 feet or so.

Once you're down and out, you can ski one of the other chutes, or work your way back to the skin track used to ascend the canyon and follow it back down and out Neffs Canyon.