A very short trail off Wildfire in the Bear Mountain area.









Skye Peak Lifeline is a short, double black diamond trail that runs off from skier’s left of Wildfire to the lower section of Wildfire.

This area is marked for EXPERTS ONLY, so be sure you are confident in your skills before coming here.

The best way to access this location is to take the Bear Mountain Quad and exit the lift straight ahead, then take a sharp right turn on to the upper section of Wildfire.

You can also access Wildfire by taking the Superstar Express Quad and the Skye Ship Stage II Gondola and then get on Gateway from either one of those.

Take Gateway to Bear Claw and keep your speed up and traverse across as high as you can to get to the top of Wildfire.

From the top of Wildfire, continue down and stay on skier’s right until you approach under the Skye Peak Quad.

Then aim to get on Skye Peak Lifeline on the right.

This run is super short with a couple of good turns in it, but that is about it.

This trail gets low light and is perfect for people looking for a couple of turns off Wildfire in the Bear Mountain area.