Visible from the Paradise Express to your right as your heading up, Horseshoe has fun bumps and very advanced cliffs and pillows.


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Horseshoe is really two sections of a steep ridge that helps form the skier's left flank of the Paradise area after Keystone Ridge with Ruby Chief below it.

From the marked entrance on the Yellow Brick Road you can take a right to access the easier moguls for advanced skiers that will put you on Ruby Chief as it descends to Paradise.

You can continue out onto what is known as the Horseshoe Nose for some really advanced pillows and cliffs or continue out a little further onto the Nose as the terrain opens up to more manageable open turns with some rocks.

Or you can wrap around the end of the ridge into the Horseshoe Springs area.

This area can be ridiculously rocky in the early season or on low snow years so be on your game and be ready to scrape a rock at any time of the year.

Read more on the Horseshoe Nose in the unmarked/freeride section.

Get on the Breakfast Trail or Houston Access on the skier's left side of Ruby Chief to get back to the base area if you don't want to head down to Paradise.