A wide open line for less experienced off piste riders. Particularly good in spring snow conditions.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The 2566 metre summit of the Prorel dominates the Chantemerle and Briancon sectors and there are rideable routes on every aspect, ranging from the fairly straightforward to the highly exposed.

The hike to the summit is up the west ridge and generally takes 20-30 minutes.

If the climb is icy it is much more comfortable to use crampons as there are one or two places where you really don’t want to fall.

The exact route depends on snow conditions and it is often necessary to move away from the ridge a bit and find a passage through the rocks on the first half of the climb.

The southeast face of the Prorel is the least technically demanding – equivalent to a steep red run or gentle black.

This slope shows its best side in spring snow and if you can combine it with the Notre Dame des Neiges line lower down, which is steeper, you have a long and varied spring snow line.

And the chances are you’ll have most of it to yourself too.

The line is fairly straightforward – you’re aiming for the top of the Croix de la Nore chairlift or the top of the Prorel gondola.

Just don’t stray too far right on the way down or you’ll get uncomfortably close to some cliffs.