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This classic Palisades Tahoe run is often the first to see tracks on a powder day.

You will see some amazing air and ski lines on a powder day.

The Fingers is a rocky ridge/cliff zone that ends in Schimmelefennig Bowl.

It sits just lookers right of the KT-22 chair line and is visible from the base area, so even those who would never venture there can enjoy the show on a powder day.

To reach The Fingers, ski down The Nose and stay on the ridgeline skier's left.

A large tree on the ridge line sits above the middle of The Fingers.

The middle zone is the most difficult and it is a little easier as one goes left or right.

This is a no-fall zone as it is essentially a volcanic rock cliff line.

The cliff rolls over so it's hard to see what's below you.

You can scout your line from the chair.

The different lines on The Fingers can be skied, straight-lined, aired, or billy goated.

The Fingers should not be attempted by 99.9% of skiers, this one is for very, very strong skiers only who are not scared of air, rocks, ice, etc.