A good test for those making the transition from blue to black runs.









Ptarmigan is a great blue off the Excelerator that is a good test for people making the transition from blue to black.

This is a blue at Copper but is right on the edge.

Depending on the conditions this can be really quite easy or quite hard.

Sometimes it’s groomed side to side and its rolling terrain can be quite fun for carving turns and sometime it’s not groomed and can be riddled with smaller, non-rhythmic bumps.

Early season, this is one of the first runs to open and can get quite crowded.

Regardless of how it’s skiing or riding, take your intermediate friends here first to see how they do.

If they do well here, ride back up the Excelerator, and try CDL’s or Mine Dump to see how they do on this.

This is a great area to test ones skills before bringing them elsewhere because the lift is fast, the trails aren’t that long if you get someone over their head, and there is a good amount of different terrain in this area.

If you like it here you can probably get five runs an hour or more here.