A busy blue run with access from the top of American Eagle lift.









Main Vein is one of the busiest trails at Copper Mountain.

It is most likely the first trail to open to the public and one of the last to stay open.

It drops right down into the main village.

Most of the time this is one of the busiest trails at Copper and I’d stay away from it.

However, if you are one of the first of the day on the run, you should have awesome corduroy side to side, top to bottom.

And this run has a nice roller coaster effect with its many rolls and flats.

And for those that like skiing under a chair, you will be seen by everyone on this run.

From the top of the American Eagle lift, you have three choices, take a run through the upper Eagle terrain park and then drop into the top pitch of main vein, which is steep and most likely moguled.

If you want to stay away from the moguls, go around on Rhapsody which drops directly into Main Vein.

Or you could take the first pitch of Bittersweet (which can get icy or mogully) and take a right onto Main Vein.

Early season, when Copper is one of the first in the country to open, this is a mad house run that is riddled with early season skiers and riders, many famous ski racing teams, many wannabe ski instructors getting their early season clinics, etc.

I’d stay away personally since this is the center of the Copper Universe but when not busy, this is a fun, cruising blue.

The half pipe is at the bottom left of this trail.

There will be lots of people here so keep your head up.