A long and snaking blue run – mostly very enjoyable but with a tougher section or two.









As the only blue run option to get back down the mountain into Monêtier, for at least the first half of this run you will need to make sure you follow the signs carefully or you’ll end up on one of the sometimes tricky red runs.

Rochamout is a mixed bag of wonderful wide blue gradient piste and some less easy sections that get uncomfortably narrow in places.

The hardest part is just above the Peyra-Juana restaurant (a cosy, rustic cabin that has a very different feel to the other mountain restaurants - well worth stopping at for lunch).

The sharp bend and narrow section here can mean ice and in spring the occasional bump.

But the tough part doesn't last for long and it would be a shame to miss out on this run just for that.

If the multiple forks in the piste after crossing the button lift get confusing, try not to stress - they are all variants of the same run and as such are all blue.